What do YOU want?

In 2015 I  left a job I really enjoyed to move back to my home city. My father had fallen ill and I needed to be closer to spend time with him and my family. I decided that while I was home, I would finish my degree and work as a counselor in my community. It was a huge career shift but I wanted to see if it was right for me.

There was a very powerful writing exercise that helped me build up the courage to drastically change my surroundings and path.

From writer Victor Pride,

“Get a paper and pen and write down the most important things in your life. Read this repeatedly until you have narrowed down exactly what is most important. Then say it out loud. Don’t mumble and don’t stutter. Say it loud with confidence.

Go somewhere you can be alone. Go for a long drive. Go for a walk in the woods. Leave your phone and iPads and electronic junk behind. Just you and your thoughts. Answer the question “What do you want” and answer with complete honesty. There will be no one around to judge your thoughts, there will be no one around to laugh at you or say it can’t be done.”

It seemed so simple, but doing it was VERY HARD. I felt silly, idealistic, and greedy – just writing down what I wanted from life! I’ve kept my list of important goals close to my heart for 3 years now. And it’s a living document, which means it changes as I learn and grow.


Photo of my original list from 2015!

For anyone out there feeling directionless, try this exercise! It helps you explore and develop individual goals.

Without direction, we float aimlessly like a ship without a sail – hoping that the winds of life will drift us in a good direction. But we reach our fullest potential when we move with purpose and direction.

The direction of my life is changing yet again. I’ve completed many of the goals I set out to accomplish with my move back home. Thankfully my family is in a better more stable place. Guess it’s time to add a few new bullet points to my list!

Wishing clarity and resilience,

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